Disney High School Musical
Live on Stage will debut its national tour in China
Premiere in Hong Kong
Beijing season - November 7thand 14th at POLY THEATRE

The movie "High School Musical" is the world's hottest young idols film, and it is about a group of teenagers struggle together to find out just who they are while building relationships, exploring new interests and dealing with other’s expectations of them. The first episode of the film premiered in January 2006 in the Disney Channel (USA), which had created the highest ratings to date record as the highest grossing Disney TV movie ever, after 26 by Disney Channel, as well as many TV stations worldwide broadcast with more than 100 countries and regions. More than 170 million viewers watched this production. Meanwhile, the "High School Musical" is also one of the largest youth TV movies that received international honours: two Emmy Awards, a Directors Guild of America Awards, Television Critics Association Awards, Imagen Foundation Awards and so on. Nine songs in the movie entered the Billboard Hot 100 at the same time, the soundtrack for the second quarter was the nation's best-selling 2006 album, which was sold 6 million in the United States, and received the Year Album of Billboard Music Award.

The "High School Musical" is based on the most popular film on the Disney Channel Movie. This is a musical for all ages; the passion of "High School Musical" won the cheers of the audience of all ages, so that each family in the theatre enjoyed a wonderful night. Paul • Warwick • Griffin, the director of "High School Musical" said that it was an exciting production. The style was young and dynamic, and the story contained all kinds of entertainment material, it could meet the tastes of all ages. The dance was fresh and dynamic, as well as the style of music that also meet the preferences of young people. All the songs of the Original were showed in the musical, while there were also adding two new works "Counting on you" and "Cellular Fusion", In addition, the songs only by the characters singing will be deduction by the other roles in the musical version

The show will be staged in China in late 09/2010.This is the first large-scale tour in China, including Beijing, Hong Kong Shenzhen, Chongqing and other four cities. Eight cities will jointly set off a wave of strong storm of High School Musical. Prepare yourself for the chance to see your favourite movie brought to life on stage. November 7th - 14th, Beijing as the last tour city will offer you a grand performance of the top musical in BEIJING POLY THEATRE.

High School Musical is a contemporary musical comedy about Troy, a popular high school basketball star. Gabriella, a shy, academically gifted newcomer who discovers they share a passion for singing. They intended to join the school musical trials. However, they met many difficulties when they pursued their musical dreams…...How will Troy and Gabriella face these difficulties? And what will they do to achieve the dream of musical…...

32 International Cast and 10 Musicians on Stage!
It’s pretty much everything you expect from HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL live on stage!

Show DatesNov 7-14, 2010 but Monday
Beijing Poly Theatre
Ticket PriceVIP/1280/980/780/580/380/180/80RMB
Family Package:1500RMB(580×3)
Couple Package:1000RMB(580×2)
Booking Hotline: 65046962, 65046966, 800-810-8798


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